About Dr Michelle Woolhouse

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse: Expert in Healthcare and Wellness

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse, an experienced holistic doctor, who integrates the realms of psychotherapy, neuroscience, and integrative functional medicine to guide you on your path to optimal well-being. As the author of "The Wonder Within" and a highly sort after keynote speaker, Dr. Woolhouse offers a transformative approach to healthcare.  

Dr. Michelle's specialty differs from the typical medical encounter or standard coaching session, as she dedicates extensive time to each individual, uncovering root cause insights into your unique health journey. Her practice recognises the interconnectedness of mind, body, environment and personal beliefs, guiding you towards holistic wellness and personal empowerment.

Drawing on her expertise in psycho-neuro-immunology, nutrition and functional testing, Dr. Woolhouse navigates the intricate language of the brain and body to empower people to better health and outcomes. Through a compassionate approach she supports you in addressing underlying challenges and harnesses the power of mind-body medicine to facilitate personal and professional flourishing.

Helping you address your total health and wellbeing

Too many people have been burnt by narrow minded thinking or a “one way approach” when it comes to their health that leaves them feeling unheard, uninformed or totally dependent on something they know just isn’t the answer. 

If you’re feeling burnt out, stressed out or simply lacking the hope for change in your health, it’s time to be embraced with care.

Professional Education Qualifications

· Post grad diploma Mind-body medicine Swinburne 2002
· Post grad diploma Nutritional Medicine (2002)
· Diploma of Traditional Acupuncture Vietnam, Hypnotherapy

Complementary Roles

· Founding medical director VIVELY ( link)
· Ambassador  and podcast host Fx-medicine
· Ambassador ACNEM
· Co-founder Enliven Retreats