Unlocking Wellness: Exploring Mind-Body Medicine Techniques

The Wonder Within

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The Wonder Within is a book that will help you navigate your way through the confusion, self-doubt and overwhelm that accompanies anxiety, stress, and burnout.

Dr Michelle Woolhouse takes you on a journey through the body to understand the interconnections of health and healing. She maps out the internal and external systems that support us in learning from negative experiences, growing from our challenges and enhancing our understanding of what it means to be well, whole, and healthy.

The Wonder Within offers you a powerful antidote to your strain and shows you a new way to relate to your fears and find the source of wellness within yourself.

Through evidence-based practical exercises, self-reflections, meaningful stories and audio downloads, readers will discover a new way of reframing their experiences to access fresh perspectives on their mental health and what it means to be wholly alive.

"This book is full of the encouragement, insights and strategies people need in order to bring about deep healing from the inside."

Professor Craig Hassed, author of The Essence of Health + The Freedom Trap

"If I was a doctor of life, I would prescribe this book!"

Lisa Leong, ABC radio host, This Working Life and co-author of This Working Life

"This book will make you fall in love again with the most important person in your life: you."

Madeleine Grummet, host of Human Cogs Podcast

"This book is a trusted guide that will take your hand and show you the way out of stress, anxiety and burnout."

Monique Ross, co-author of This Working Life

"A highly recommended read for anyone looking to find balance in today's busy and stressed-out world."