Dr. Michelle Woolhouse: Your Expert Speaker on Women's Hormones, Stress, and the Neuroscience of Well-being

Are you searching for a dynamic and insightful speaker to inspire your audience and deliver  positive change? There is no one like Dr. Michelle Woolhouse, an experienced Australian based integrative Doctor, award winning podcaster and Author of The Wonder Within.

About Dr. Michelle Woolhouse

· Country: Australia
· Doctor/Mind-Body Medicine Expert
· Time Zone: Melbourne, Australia

Other Positions:
· Founding Medical Director of Vively
· Co-founder of Enliven Retreats
· Podcast Host and Ambassador for Fx Medicine
· Ambassador for ACNEM

Qualifications / Credentials

· Grad Diploma in Mind-Body Medicine
· Diploma in Acupuncture
· Meditation Teacher
· Retreat Facilitator
· Author of "The Wonder Within: A Heart-Led Playbook for the Anxious, Stressed, and Burnt-Out"

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Woolhouse is a renowned expert in:

· Women’s Hormones and Menopause
· Stress, Burnout, and Anxiety from a Neurobiological Perspective
· Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinology (the Science of Connection)
· Mental Health and Well-being

Presentation Topics

Previous Conference Presentations

Dr. Woolhouse's expertise has been showcased at esteemed events:

· Enliven Retreats (2023-current)
· Entrepreneurs Organisation Bali (May 2023)
· ACNEM (1999-now)
· AIMA NZ annual conference (Nov 22)
· Linkedin (Mar 24)
· Awaken Festival (March 24)
· Digital Health Fest (June 23, Panelist)
· Peninsula Hot Springs (Dec 23)
· VIVA Keynote (2024, upcoming)
· Retreat Facilitator at Yarra Valley Living Centre (2017-2020)
· Podcast Host (Fx Medicine and The Good Doctors)
· Bank of Melbourne (Lunchtime Women’s Health Series, 2022)
· NIIM (National Institute of Integrative Medicine, Nov 22, Mar 23, 24 for International Women’s Day)

Dr. Michelle Woolhouse is a passionate advocate for well-being, with a profound understanding of holism and the mind-body connection. Her talks take many forms from conversational style talks, conference keynotes, workshops and leadership programs. Her collaborations with corporations serve as a template for exploration, transformational change and optimal well-being.

Book Dr. Michelle as your next speaker and empower your staff and audience with knowledge that can transform their lives.



"It is always an absolute pleasure to have Dr Michelle Woolhouse, as a guest keynote and workshop presenter over the years at the National Institute of Integrative Medicine’s annual Symposium.

Michelle has also presented numerous public lectures at NIIM, always to a full house.

Her insights into innate body wisdom, the mix between science and spirituality, holistic medicine and health mind-body connection, have made her a much sort after speaker who has a unique connection with her audience.

Michelle is a highly respected integrative medicine doctor who has seen and helped many complex patients over her years in practice.  This wealth of knowledge of clinical experience, provides her with a depth that few speakers have.  She is a most  inspiring and empowering presenter.  

We have no hesitation in inviting Michelle as a key speaker, and highly recommend her."

Professor Avni Sali
Founder & Director
National Institute of Integrative Medicine

"Dr Michelle Woolhouse has a wealth of health knowledge and can speak on many pertinent topics. Michelle always provide valuable insights and recommendations which are easy to understand and relevant to those who are seeking to achieve optimal health outcomes. On each of the occasions where I’ve engaged her as a speaker, the feedback has been outstanding and she is also regarded as a highly acclaimed medical practitioner."

Kate Save, Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist and
Founder of Be Fit Food 

"I have known Michelle Woolhouse for many years, both through her involvement with the AIMA board and speaking at conferences, and we had both teach nutritional and environmental medicine for ACNEM.

Michelle is a very accomplished and highly knowledgeable integrative medicine doctor. She is also an excellent presenter and produces numerous podcasts and webinars for the public on topics of interest.

Her presentation at the AIMA 2022 conference in Auckland was entitled “Understanding the drivers of stress, anxiety, and burnout and how to support patients in putting the brakes on”. She has a relaxed and engaging style of
communication which is easy to follow and provides a wealth of information while preserving an empathetic approach when speaking of patient narratives.

Michelle covered a wide spectrum of examples of how stress in various aspects of our lives can lead to ongoing anxiety and, potentially, to burn out. She then went on to look at a variety of options to minimise and deal with stress, and ways to nurture the heart’s intelligence. These included, minimising external stressors, nutritional and herbal support, self-compassion, and the use of green spaces."

Dr Tim Ewer AIMA NZ president