Transform Your Life:
Expert Personal Coaching for Success

You don’t need to have a physical or mental health problem to seek the experience and benefits of a neuroscience backed approach to professional and personal development.

This neuroscience backed coaching approach can help you unlock your full potential, compassionately explore any long held beliefs that may be stopping you engaging fully in your life, your visions, your career or your relationships. These programs and one on one sessions will help you understand and leverage the intricate workings of your innate neural circuitry
to achieve meaningful growth and transformation.

Neuroscience offers invaluable insights into how your brains functions and adapts to both positive and negative challenges and experiences. By understanding its limitations, patterns, and potential you can optimise your cognitive processes, your relational emotional intelligence, and your executive functioning for optimal results in both your profession and /or personal endeavours, leadership capabilities and performance.

Coaching helps you navigate challenges professionally, amplify your strengths, identify and support your weaknesses and develop confidence in creating effective communication and relationship skills.

Coaching also helps you cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself, overcome limiting belief, whether known or un-known, understand hidden sources of stress, develop a new relationship to your inner drivers and gain a truer understanding of your passions, gifts, desires and dreams.

Brain and body based techniques help you to gain greater emotional resilience, emotional regulation and emotional proficiency. All of which in turn will help you gather key skills in managing challenging situations both internally and externally long into the future.

With over 25 years in medical practice, mind-body medicine qualifications, a passion for human flourishing, retreat facilitation, business ownership and corporate speaking, Dr Michelle Woolhouse brings a unique contribution to the field of professional and personal growth and leadership.

Alongside her one-one consultations, she offers unique online programs ( self-paced and group) and week-long deep dive retreats to further enhance and promote personal and professional transformation, designed for those that would benefit from a blended approach.

Coaching both professional/personal is an opportunity available to those who may not have access to Medicare, be outside Australia or prefer this pathway for tax or privacy reasons.

Sessions run for 60 minutes. For optimal results Dr Michelle recommends at least 6 sessions over a 6-month period. Tax deductibility may be applicable (depending on circumstances)